Phileas Fogg’s Family Attraction

Duration: Allow for an hour and a half
(Please arrive at least 20 minutes early)

Age interest: Recommended 7 and over

Group size: Maximum of 12 people

Games: Skill, mystery and mental games

Who’s this for: Family’s and friends.

Price: Adults: £24.95 & kids: £19.95.
Family ticket: £79.95

What is the experience?

Describing our experience has always been tricky for us as we are so unique. Initially we thought Imagine a film, but instead of merely watching it, you are in it. Surrounded by the exotic locations, which you can smell, touch and hear in only a way you could by actually being there. Throw in the actors, but instead of just watching them, you are there with them and part of the story. Then we thought, what about the games? As you travel through our sets, there are skill mystery and mental team games throughout.

Phileas Fogg’s is quirky, goofy and fun for the whole family. But saying that, the effort and attention to detail that has gone into our sets, and actors are very serious. Scroll down the page to find out more.

Fun the entire time!

No waiting around in queues. No waiting for your turn. You will take part in the games as a team from start to finish! This is proper family FUN at its best.

Yes, we have a number of free parking spaces outside the front of the building.

We are literally 40 seconds off the A27, and we have a massive sign out the front so you can’t miss us. Getting to us, couldn’t be easier.

Phileas Foggs World of Adventures
Sussex House
Crowhurst Road
Hollingbury Industrial Estate

Just around the corner from ASDA

Find us here.

From Churchill Square (Brighton city centre) you can get either the 6/24/55 & 5B Bus, that will drop you off at either ASDA (100 yards away)  or across the road from us.

Occassionally we offer discounts to the public. The best way to keep updated with our offers is to follow our Facebook page.

Yes, the centre provides full access for our disabled customers, if there is more than one Wheelchair user in your group please call 01273 007799.

Who is Phileas Fogg?

You may have heard of the great Phileas Fogg, the legendary Victorian explorer and inventor. He has made an extraordinary bet of half his personal fortune of £20,000 (worth over £2,000,000.00 in today’s money) that he can travel around the world in 80 days. But there’s a complication, the bank of England has been broken into and Detective Fix of Scotland Yard is convinced Fogg is his man and is in hot pursuit.

Sets and challenges

These amazing, multimillion-pound sets have been made by the teams that created sets for Star Wars, James Bond and Harry Potter (to name a few), that’s good company to be in!! The 30+ fun challenges will get you team thinking and working together, they have all been completed but never by a single team, could you be the first?!


This is not a one-man game and you are not spectators! that’s why Fogg needs you and your team. The challenges you face need you all to join forces to overcome these time sensitive tasks. For groups of less than 10 you will have other members of the public joining you.


You will journey through, Paris, Venice, Tunisian Caves, Egyptian Tomb, African Jungle, India, Japan and America (all within 60 minutes) that’s pretty good going!!! You will also go through some other crazy locations that not even we can think of where they are located (maybe not even in the universe)

Your journey

Just a taste of the journey you will be taking. The sets are built by Pinewood Studios, who famously built sets for Star Wars, Harry Potter and James Bond to name just a few. But still it is difficult to appreciate the experience, without the smells, sounds, games and actors who really bring these sets to life!


Our journey starts on the train station in Paris
(We don’t want to ruin the start, No pic, sorry!)

All aboard with Phileas Fogg

FIrst stop, Venice! Mental or skill games depending on the team you are in!

Quick, don’t hang about in the Tunisian caves too long, or your turn out like our friend!

Welcome to the egyptian tomb! Mental or mystery games depending on the team you are in!
(The pharaoh is shy, no pic)

Don’t get left in the Jungle. Who knows what lurkes behind the trees!

Thank goodness, time to put our feet up in this arabian tent and play some games. Skill or mental games.

Find your way through the Japanese temple. Mystery games in here!
(Not showing any pics of this one, sorry!)

All aboard, the ship sails for America. Puzzle games on board.
(No cameras were allowed on board, sorry)

How will you escape out of this one. Group game!

You never know who you will meet in the saloon. Lots of skill games in this place.

Lost. Not sure, where we are now, but it seems cold. Silly fun games in here!
(No pics again, sorry)

Wow, I feel funny. Are we even on earth? This seems like some sort of vortex!!
(No pics for this one)

A grand finish. Time for one last game?


It felt like a Disney/Universal attraction!

Absolutely amazing, fantastic actors, incredible sets and theming, super fun time. Would highly recommend to anyone remotely curious in checking it out.

Samuel J
TripAdvisor member since 2017


Bravo….Well done

WOW finally Brighton has something to offer! This place is absolutely a must in Brighton, if your local or visiting….go visit, perfect for birthdays, team night out etc. I’ve done the Crystal Maze but this today was something else…

TripAdvisor member since 2013


Great fun for all the family

We went for a 10 year old’s birthday treat with 5 x 10 year olds, 1 x 12 year old, 2 adults plus another 2 small families joined our group with younger children. Many rooms, great sets and costumes and actors who kept with it – despite the cheek of 10 year old boys!

TripAdvisor member since 2004



Our bar offers a range of drinks and snacks to quench your thirst after your experience.


A variety of paninis
Hot dog


English tea
Earl Grey
Peppermint tea
Green tea
Flat White
Caffe Latte
and more…


Draught beers
Apple cider
A wide selection of Gins and other spirits
Soft drinks



Carrot cake
Chocolate cake
Chocolate tiffin
Millionnaire shortbread

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Sussex House
Crowhurst Road
Hollingbury Industrial Estate

01273 007799

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